Our Experiences

By providing the most unexpected moments, speakers, designing learning bursts, engaging with meaningful charities, unlocking tasks and embedding tools we create memories and true Unthinkers. We drive people to truly apply their learning – resulting in a higher quality experience that connects powerful minds and inspires leaders to be and do more.

Cross-org programmes

Our cross-organisational programmes are virtual programmes (3x3h sessions) with participants from different companies, countries, backgrounds.

Purpose Leadership Programme

High Potentials, leaders, Olympians & Paralympians, entrepreneurs, talents, activists and charity workers who are looking to be re-energised, inspiried and connect with a diverse global network.

What will they Unthink?

Women's Leadership Programme

Women at all levels (from emerging to experienced leaders) within an organization.

Those that need a space to reflect and build confidence, to mute the voice in their head that tells them they can’t, or they shouldn’t. We help them lean into that voice and make sense of their own story by listening to other women’s stories, and our World Class speakers, such as Candice Mama, Vogue’s most Inspirational Woman, who will inspire them to have courage to smash their career goals and help organisations achieve their equality and leadership targets.

What will they Unthink?

Manager Accelerator Programme

New and experienced managers, e.g. directors, heads of, people and team leaders.

This accelerator programme will connect manager talent from across the world and bring them together in collaboration, proven to energise and develop the Mindset, Skills and Toolset of your people leaders. This is about using the wisdom of the Unthink Managers to create inclusive and creative conversations that will accelerate their performance.

What will they Unthink?

Bespoke Learning Experiences

Now this is where it gets really exciting! We work with companies who we feel are a match for Unthink (honestly, we are not for everyone). From SAP and P&G to fast growing startups. In doing so, we build an addictive learning experience (from one-off events to leadership academies) for your people that embeds your values, culture and aligns with your company’s behaviours (competencies) in a way that this experience could have only been made for your people. The result – a tribe of leaders who can Unthink whatever crosses their path and perform, in a way, that others can’t!

Everyone wants to change; they just aren’t prepared to do what is necessary to make that change. Are you? Don’t judge, be curious!

The biggest risk is not to do anything