How can a dog help you out of prison?

How can a dog help you out of prison?

How Karaoke can get you to the top of Mount Everest and eventually to the South pole? How do you row a boat across the Atlantic? How can a dog help you get out of prison?

These were only a few of the things we learned during the Unthink experience in fall 2020.

A group of over 40 people from Tokyo, Japan all the way to Tehachapi, California connected via seamless technology and a common goal: to connect, to learn and to make a difference.

Unthink‘s virtual format connects people from incredibly diverse backgrounds and it is hard to imagine one cangather such a group in real life.

Refreshing, insightful and very efficient, compared to other offline leadership trainings that require significantly higher investments of time, money and travel.

– Jeremy Murday, P&G Account Director

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