You are a growing start-up because you are doing things differently. This is why Unthink is perfect and why start-up’s love to work with us. As many as 65% of startups fail because of “people problems”.

The speed of growth as you scale, can easily outpace soft skill development in the startup environment if not for planful investment in learning and development. Technical experts tend to fall into managerial and leadership roles. But we know that what makes someone successful as an individual contributor is very different from what makes someone successful as a leader.

 Giving your talent the right development experience is just as crucial as having a great product or service. A team of talented and hardworking people not only aid the founders in taking their mission of building a successful company forward, but also helps build the right culture for a company. Doing this right will reinforce a company’s vision, mission and values  while driving the performance of the organisation. It’s not easy. But being great at anything never is. It is time for your talent to Unthink.