Everyone says they want their leaders to do more and their talent programmes to be different. But end up doing exactly the same.

Why? Because current learning programmes are typically outdated, lack diversity and very expensive. You know what happens. One person in a classroom, possibly a hotel conference room, with a flipchart and a name badge. Virtual learning it gets even worse! And do not get us started on the real adoption of digital learning!

Frustrated by this, we wanted to create the totally outlandish to support talent and leaders to handle the chaos of the present — virtual working, social media, customer crises, mixed generational workforces — and create space for them to create memories, develop their mindset, skillset and toolset, by Unthinking the conventional.

We don’t do workshops. We create addictive learning experiences. Think Secret Cinema meets Cirque du Soleil. Where mystery, storytelling, collaboration, networking, adventure and social interaction combine with the very best of deeply relevant leadership thinking.

Being Olympians, Entrepreneurs and Leadership Experience experts, with a passion for performance, we decided we had to create something better. Organisations and society needed it!

Janne Müller-Wieland

3x Olympian and Co-Founder Unthink

We took a risk and guess what…

As we say, you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem.
Are you ready to embrace different and Unthink with us?


We believe that we can't go back to normal, normal wasn't working.

In an attempt to make a difference we wanted to provide an addictive learning experience, at a revolutionary price, that leaves a lasting impact. Fuelled by our belief that small actions and passionate people can create a big change. Current learning experiences are typically expensive, outdated and with people from the same backgrounds.

Yet, we wonder why nothing changes?

Being Olympians, Entrepreneurs and Leadership Development experts, we decided we had to create something better. We believe that to be a leader, you don’t have to be the CEO or superstar entrepreneur… All of us are born with unique talents and it’s those that have the courage to share, regardless of obstacles and the fear of the unknown, that become leaders.

Hence we created an alternative.

By providing unexpected speakers who have incredible stories, designing learning bursts and engaging with meaningful charities, we help people truly apply their learning; resulting in a higher quality experience that connects powerful minds and inspires people to be and do better.

Unthink is the platform for curious people to do extraordinary things.